Welcome to the Central Coast Plateau Chamber of Commerce


The main objective of the Chamber is to ‘have a balanced and commonsense approach to business and community issues’.
Early in 2007 we held a community Strategic Planning Workshop which was attended by around 100 interested people. The overwhelming outcome of the workshop was that the community wanted a viable future for farming in this area.The Central Coast Plateau Chamber of Commerce is committed to protecting the long term future of agriculture on the Plateau including:

  • Promote financially and environmentally sustainable farming practices
  • The preservation of existing activities
  • Attraction of new operators, businesses and industries
  • Introduction of agribusiness models
  • The need for improved roads and transport


The Central Coast Plateau is unique to the rest of the Central Coast in that it has been a highly productive agricultural industry over time with some industrial land use. In the 1900s, timber getting, passion fruit growing and citrus orchards became economic mainstays of the Plateau. Large numbers of poultry farms were established in the Kulnura area in the post WW2 era. The main land uses are National Park and State Forest, with some quarries and farms.


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