Meet our Board Members

Lorraine Wilson Community member, Kulnura President
Sam Dominello Flower Grower, Peats Ridge Vice President
Sharon Peruch Community member, Somersby Secretary
Rodger Wilson Poultry Farmer, Kulnura Treasurer
Beverley Ferrier Community member, Somersby Ordinary Member
Peter Denton Photographer, Somersby Ordinary Member
Brian McKelvey Retired Farmer, Mangrove Mountain Ordinary Member
Rod Wall Community Member, Kulnura Ordinary Member
Margaret Vallance Community Member, Kulnura Ordinary Member


Management Committee Meetings are normally held at the Mangrove Mountain Memorial Club, 18 Hallards Road, Central Mangrove, at 6:30pm on the 1st Tuesday of every month, but please contact us to confirm if not posted on this website.

If you have an issue with which we may be able to assist, you are welcome to attend our management meetings by appointment. Just contact us beforehand so that we know to expect you, preferably with at least one week’s notice.

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