Many people in our community will know that the Central Coast Plateau Chamber of Commerce has done a lot of work towards retaining and maintaining agricultural production across all the mountain communities and into the surrounding valleys.

To this end the Chamber has formulated a survey which will provide the information required to counter some of the inaccuracies provided by outdated productivity statistics. The survey results will assist with our continued advocacy to the political and policy writing people who hold so much power over what happens west of the M1. Often there is very little understanding of the the value and importance of all agricultural production.

We hope everyone who says I am a farmer will take a short time to fill in the survey either on the hard copy delivered into letter boxes with a return envelope, or the online survey on the Central Coast Plateau Chamber of Commerce website. Names are not part of this survey and complete privacy will be provided. The survey outcome sought is the total and variety of agricultural production and resources which may assist future production.

The Central Coast Plateau is your community. Help your Chamber of Commerce to provide the arguments to maintain viable agricultural production and rural activities to retain the agricultural landscape.

Go well and safely…….

Lorraine Wilson
Central Coast Plateau Chamber of Commerce

Your response can be anonymous, but an opportunity is provided for a follow up interview if you provide your contact details.

Rural Land Activity Survey

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